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Welcome 757!!! Slumber parties 🎉

whatever theme or scheme you want

Thank you for stopping to visit, we are glad you are here! You may notice that we are very enthusiastic about making your slumber party the one you will enjoy and all your guest will envy and want one for themselves we love the idea of camping in style (Glamping) and we love creativity🤗🤗🤗. We hope to earn your business by demonstrating authentic appreciation for the trust you have placed in us. You know All children and adults have had one time in their lives where they've tried to make a tent out of their covers, sheets, or even their mommys coat, and it just soothes their souls and takes them in a world of IMAGINATIONZZZ... So one day while watching my grandchildren do the same, I came up with the idea "Camp ImaginationZzz" , thinking, "I couldnt even think of all the wild imaginations that they were having while under those covers :-) So here it is 757 a new way alsotoSlumber! A party your friends will envy and want one for themselves...Let Camp imaginationZzz  come out to your home and customize your next Slumber party 757-652-0491 Ms Star... We do character parties were we bring your kids favorite cartoon character to their slumber party also we at camp imaginationZzz do carnival and character parties $100 and up

1 MONTH IN ADVANCED 1/2 deposit, book today 757-652-0491 remember 1 whole month in ad

Camping in a box, we come set up, leave and come back the next day and break down ⛺️

Spa party price list

Spa parties: ***all spa parties come with decoration of your choice *** mani/pedi $300/...

glitter explosion 💥 (glitter nails, feet, tattoos) $350/... makeup(slight) hair color (strands, wash out) mani/pedi and gift bag $450 /with spa shirts $550 with (birthday child spa)

We also set up spa parties


14 year olds birthday party COCO CHANEL

Camp imaginationZzz is about

Camp imaginationZzz is a Virginia based slumber party rental agency that guarantees a slumber party your boys or girls (and their friends) will never forget.

we specialize in offering a stress free “SLUMBER PARTY IN A BOX” For parents . Our “Slumber party in a box” is our standard package which includes five (5) single occupant tents with cozy twin size mattresses, beautiful bedding, decorative lights, personalized name signs, and elevated lap tables to give each guest their own individual set up but bundled closely in a group to ensure slumber party excitement is consisTENT. Since our individual tents are hand crafted, they can accommodate any theme, color scheme, or vision your little ones desire. We operate under one mission: With God first we will provide you and your guest with our absolute best in creativity, individuality, and slumber party for the record, Plus FUN FUN FUN!

Launching Spring and Summer deal up to seven campers for each package

Summer special Up to ~7~Campers 757-652-0491 SPECIAL

package 1 $350 tent, bedding, blank *name plate 

package 2 $500 tent , bedding, *personalized name plate and *party shirt,(birthday child) lights, *gift bag

package 3 $900 tent, bedding, *personalized name plate, and *pjs, (for all invited) *gift bags and *yummy table ....* items take home items***



Slumber party

I BELIEVE In service over self and my mission is to make every child in Hampton Roads HAPPY, I am honest and live in full integrity, and i give the very best at whatever i choose to do ...To everyone that has a slumber party I WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR SERVICE. Ms. Star

Leave the slumber party mainTENTance to us with our creative TENTS!

Allow Camp imaginationZzz to turn your slumber party into magical adventure with plenty of fun. We specialize in offering: A stress free slumber party in a box experience, individual hand crafted tents , cozy twin sized mattresses, beautiful bedding, decorative lightso, personalized name plates, elevated lap tables and accommodating Any party theme and/or color scheme CONTACT US TODAY TO DISCUSS OUR PACKA


Airbrush tattoos and glitter tattoos


Occasion Valentine's Day,Children's Day,Grand Event,House Moving,Gender Reveal,Anniversary,Back To School,April Fool's Day,Father's Day,Birthday Party,Party,Mother's Day,St Patrick's Day,Graduation,Easter,Wedding,Halloween,Earth Day,Christmas,Wedding & Engagement,Christening & Baptism,Retirement,New Year,Thanksgiving,Chinese New Year


I will be happy to bring to you all the entertainment, excitement and imaginative things to make your day one your child will never forget and always remember, Starting with our packages 1; Some people just simply want our characters to come and take pictures and share a moment with their favorite cartoon characters for a half hour or so and go, we understand and thats for $100 per character for 2  characters we will say $170 for 3 or more $220 Now next is the people that say “I just want to have a party for a couple of hours and want the entertainment package 2” That’s when the real party begins, we bring the characters to your venue (your choice of how many and who) and we bring music 🎶 so they can have a dance party with the characters,also they interact with them, but beforehand imaginations character parties supply cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn, face painting, bouncehouse 🤗🤗🎉🎁 this package is $500 start your planning now for the day your child can feel like they’ve went to Disney world for a day!🎊🍭🎁🎉❤️💥🤗🎶🦋🦄 so to Book your perfect party it’s 1/2 down deposit that will save your date✅ (no refunds if the weather is bad that day we will reschedule only)now which package can I book for your special date? Call or text 757-652-0491

Customize to your liking

Unicorns, Mermaids, Cats, Hearts, you pick what you like

Turn your “fun party” into a slumber party

Havent seen your girlfriends in a long time, well call them up and have a nice slumber party with all the bells and whistles 🎊🎉⛺️💥

Girl just want to have fun

Surprise your girlfriend with a Slumber party


All paws on deck

Where we bring your children’s favorite cartoon characters to their birthday parties 

70’s Slumber party

Lippity lip

We understand that some don’t want sweets before bedtime so you can choose a yummy table instead

and a GOODY table

We have a Goody table!!!  a yummy table!!!! and a sweet table to choose from or choose them all ... :-)

757-652-0491 Ms. Star

Call 1 month or more before the date of party

Let us come out and set up your next Slumber party

NO LAST MINUTE, NO LAST MINUTE. NO LAST MINUTE! $100 deposit during consultation $100 deposit saves your date $100 deposit during consultation to save your date


Girls just wanna have fun 🎉🎊🤪

Once I showed my girlfriend my new venture they hollered “WE WANT ONE OF THESE TOO, IS IT FOR US BIG GIRLS ALSO” and the answer is “YES” book your next girls night 757-652-0491 Starlet 

We customize all parties to your liking

Slumber parties for all ages

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Girls and Boys, Big and Small


Call today 757-652-0941

We set up a consultation with the parents or yourself and sit down with you to Customize your whole entire party and we also have to get all the names, sizes, ect of all the children attending so have that upon request. 757-652-491 to book your next Slumber party! 30 days in advanced and deposit upon sitting $100 which is NON-REFUNDABLE

3 packages available/ with add ons

Tee pees camping ⛺️ Slumber parties

#CAMPIMAGINATIONZzz where your dreams come true

We come out to your homes and set up your slumber parties for you or your children, boys and girls

#CampImaginationZzz  ...New to the 757 area Camp IMAGINATIONZzz #Slumber party in a for All ages.  All packages accommodates 5 people. We come to your home and set up the most beautiful party set up but first we have a consultation with you the adult to find out 1. how many guest, 2. whats the theme, how you want things, sign paperwork,  get all sizes of children, if needed, with correct spelling names, time and date of party 3.Security deposit to save your date ... 1 month in advance ***NO LAST MINUTE ** We travel to all of Hampton roads,  travel fee is additional outside of Norfolk 24 hour tent rental, for girls, boys and Adults, text all your in the information section and I will get back to you within 24 hours or text your booking date today at 7576520491, Starlet Turns



We even let the children have breakfast, lunch or dinner with their favorite cartoon characters .....THEY LOVE THAT, ITS LIKE BREAKFAST WITH SANTA, WHAT A WAY TO MAKE THEIR DAY

Have breakfast with Elmo